RocketToad.Space offers a gameplay experience reminiscent of the beloved Flappy Bird. The game is free to play, but only premium users can earn and collect valuable coins.

Premium access is granted through a simple Pay x Coins mechanism.

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Rewards and Leaderboards

Collect BTC coins during your gameplay, and if you successfully complete a run, you get to keep the accumulated BTC coins.

Engage in healthy competition with our Weekly and Monthly Leaderboards, where top performers are rewarded with additional coins.


Token Name:

RocketToad (RKTT)

Total Supply:

100,000,000 RKTT





In-Game Rewards:


Marketing Tax:

5% to ensure sustainable growth and visibility

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Token Sale

TInitial Token Price:

$0.0017 per token


200 BNB in 3 Months

Liquidity Locked:

150 BNB

Game Development & Marketing:

50 BNB


25% weekly

Marketing Tax:

5% to ensure sustainable growth and visibility

Connect with RocketToad.Space

Dive into the crypto gaming adventure and join our vibrant community! Explore the possibilities of RocketToad.Space, where every jump propels you closer to crypto success. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this exciting journey – play, compete, and collect rewards in the ultimate RocketToad.Space experience! 🚀🐸